Everything you need to know about us

Welcome to the world of Herriet

We are so happy that you are here.

Vela Amber Noir de la colección Postcards de Herriet. Las mejores velas aromáticas

Who we are

Born in our Madrid studio in 2021, we started creating contemporary and exquisite fragrances that last.

Each of our scents can be linked to a specific destination: a flower shop in the middle of the big city life, a cabin in the woods... We try to convey not only the scent these locations have, but also the specific feelings they evoke. I know you're super busy but we can all dream we're somewhere else instead of at work, right?

A few years later, we introduced silk accessories as a natural extension for those who love to feel and look good at home (or when traveling, yeah I'm looking at you, busy bee).

Lorena - fundadora de la tienda Herriet - Tienda De Accesorios Para el Hogar - Velas Aromáticas, Pijamas y accesorios de seda. En la foto sale Lorena con su perro Charlie en el hotel Bless de Madrid

Meet the founder

Hi, I'm Lorena. Herriet's mom. 

I started Herriet because I was a candle addict and like all additions, it was getting way out of hand and frankly it was costing me too much. Plus, normal candles were giving me a migraine!

I had this crazy idea of creating clean-burning, classic but eye-catching candles that would light the way (pun intended) to a new standard for the industry we operate in, plus I also wanted to make them safe for pets (that's my boy, Charlie, on the right!). Two years later and almost migraine-free, I light candles as part of my daily ritual.

As a homebody myself, it was only natural that I also created the most luxurious PJs you. Have. Ever. Seen. As well as a silk accessories line. Cuz, you know, why stop at pajamas when you can have the whole range?

Slowly, but surely, I’m incorporating new products we can all use to feel our best at home.

funda de almohada de seda de herriet en color blanca. La tiene una chica con el pijama de seda azul también de herriet

Why we do what we do

Conscious of the effects harmful scents have on our health (remember my migraines?), I created Herriet because I believe the candle industry needs to move to a cleaner and better way of doing things (come on, it's about time!)

With a desire to leave the corporate world behind and to work creatively with my own two hands, I took candle making as a hobby that quickly took off as a business. Full days were devoted to researching waxes, wicks and fragrance ratios. (This only took me two years, no big deal...) But I can proudly say they are handmade in Spain.

And same with using silk in our accessories. Why be ok with non-certified cotton when we can get our hands on luscious silk giving us amazing skin and hair? (yeah, thought so too).

Chica con pijama de seda de Herriet y coletero de seda en la muñeca sacando una botella de champan de la cubitera

Made with good vibes only

Good vibes, great scents and grand products. You’ve got 99 problems, but Herriet won’t be one!

  • Visualized in Madrid
  • Candles hand-poured in our Madrid Studio with some iconic scents (If I do say so myself!)
  • 100% cotton wick - ensuring an even burn
  • Plus, we only use soy wax - so no cruelty and bad vibes are involved
  • Silk accessories also designed in Madrid but they come to life in the North of Spain
  • Do I need to say anything else about the silk benefits?
  • Cool but (very) simple packaging that can only get cooler
  • Reusable packaging on all our products
  • I own all of it, for now, so you'll be helping this girl reach her dreams
pijama de seda amarillo de herriet. Chica sonriendo y tocándose el pelo. Está en el baño del hotel bless y lleva tacones slingback de chanel

Next steps

So what happens next? I am overflowing with creativity and enthusiasm to unveil the array of new fragrances and new products that we have been developing behind the scenes (and not so BTS if you follow us on the gram). 

I want to thank you for joining me on this adventure. Your love and support mean the world to me and I would love to share everything new with you soon.