Silk Pillowcases

funda de almohada de seda azul con bordado del nombre de la marca herriet

Reasons why we love silk

Eliminates 99.8% of bacteria- Ensuring your acné slips away by using fabrics that don't capture dirt and clog pores.

Protects your hair - and keeps it healthy. Say goodbye to frizz, breakage and tangles.

Reduces friction - As you age, your skin loses elasticity and sleep wrinkles become a thing. You don't want wrinkles, trust us.

Absorbs (way) less of your skincare - 30% to be precise. So all your expensive skin care products stay where they belong. On your face.

Improves sleep in 89% of cases - Not that we are counting, but we are.






Your questions, answered

What is the main difference between silk and cotton?

Did you know that just after 3 days of using a cotton pillowcase, there are as many bacteria on this pillowcase as there are on a toilet seat? Our silk pillowcases eliminate 99.8% of all bacteria. Silk is also naturally super soft, cooling, and hypoallergenic. All the benefits are mentioned above.

What is the main difference between silk and satin?

Satin is often made of polyester - a synthetic material. Which results in a static feeling and is not as cooling and soft as silk.

Is it suitable for every skin type?

YES! Our products are suitable for all skin types.

Herriet uses 22 momme silk, is this usually less?

Silk products are usually sold at 16 or 19 momme. This indicates the thickness of the silk. Herriet wants to offer a great experience, and therefore we decided to increase the thickness of the silk to 22 momme.

How do I know that I am buying the right pillowcase size?

Standard size in Europe is 80x50cm which is the main market we operate in.

Are you looking for a size that we do not stock? Let us know, as if there are many of you with this need, we can include it in our next restock.

Which problems does this silk pillowcase solve?

One of our main concerns was to reduce acne which is something this silk pillowcase can definitely help with as the silk fabric stays cleaner for longer and does not clog pores. It also improves skin hydration and makes sure all your skincare stays on your skin, instead of transferring to the pillowcase. Our pillowcases also protects and cares for your hair, preventing frizz, breakage and tangles. And finally, it improves the quality of your sleep.